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Sweet 16 Poems

All poems have been written by Sweet 16 employees.  Please drop us a note if you like us to write a poem about something special.  Also, let us know if you intend to use one.  We would love to know which poems you like best and if you have any suggestions regarding our Sweet 16 Poems.

A Mother’s Reflections

There was a time not long ago
The Sweet 16 was me
My momma cooking cookie dough
Autumns fresh with apple trees.

So much hope and shinning promise
On a magic carpet of fallen leaves
With my best friend on brisk mornings
Discussing true love in which we both believed.

Hearing voices from the school yard grounds
As we turned down First Avenue
Then seeing such happy faces
Through chain links and skies azure blue.

I sigh at the thought of such beautiful times
So far away like a thin fragile dream
Wishing with all of my tenderized heart
Such treasures for your Sweet 16.

Please remember that love lives in moments
And moments rush by like soft breeze
Don’t be shy when your heart wants to touch those close by
But build your life on such sweet memories.

Young Mother’s Sacred Promise

There was a time
In a very different world
So many years ago
I was the bright eyed young girl.

And like you
The world seemed so new
No dream to far fetched
There was nothing I couldn’t do.

But like a star dust comet
Blazing from dusk to dawn
The years slide by so fast
A thousand changes undergone.

Then an angel face with big round eyes
Transformed my heart to a clear sunrise
Such peace and comfort cannot be described
An eternal smile lit up my heart’s sky.

And I made a sacred promise
To that innocent babe
That her life would be better
From the one that I had made.

On this day 16 years have past
I kept the promise from day one to the last
So I kiss goodbye my baby’s big eyes
Welcoming a young lady beautiful and wise.

A Stream of Consciousness

My life sometimes a lonely stream
But smooth and silky, pure and clean
An occasional storm disturbs the flow
Turbulent lessons learned, required to grow.

Yet when with love I look around
The tempest ceases and all is calm
And I think to myself what a lovely life
Daddy’s wishful face, Mom his beautiful wife.

I see grandma and grandpa who came before
Built the foundation of this family’s floor
Brothers and sisters striving for best
Aunts and Uncles, all beautifully dressed.

Friends with smiles as bright as the sun
Fireworks for hearts, always so much fun
But when the long day’s finally done
He’s always there for me, my special one.

So on this day of candles sixteen
I awake a young woman from childhood dreams
And all that I ever needed, took or received
I’ll give back to other lonely restless streams.

Wish Upon a Sweet 16 Star

When night has fallen
And the soul is moved
Silent wishes are made
In sacred solitude.

My wish dear friends
Look far above
Night sky filled with diamonds
Lit up with Sweet 16 love.

And we will all be stars
Shinning lights from times long past
Celebrating another Sweet 16
Our traditions holding fast.

High Heel Shoes

Before me sits
A pretty pair of woman’s shoes
That will add beauty to a world
In which the almighty dollar rules.

And as beauty fills
The beast’s lonely tired heart
May these shoes of love teach well
Their grown-up adult part.

But where is my loving daughter
Who I once saw so infant small
Now a pretty princess
Attending her Sweet 16 Ball

Let the merry voices hush
When this princess takes her seat
While I slip these high heel shoes
Unto her proud and beautiful feet.

And true to tradition this proud father will bow
Kissing my baby girl goodbye
Then presenting this pretty Sweet 16
To the honored handsome crowd

Sweet 16 Eve

In the night with my heart alone
And thoughts untamed float by
Like a scrapbook of my life
Pages turning in my mind’s eye.

Some of beauty and some of tears
Some doubts never answer why
But always true these 16 years
Mom and Dad stood by my side.

So tonight as I welcome sleep
And wish upon a star
I thank you for your trust in me
And honor how proud you are.

Proud of the beauty that you made
Proud of the price you paid
Proud of a family built on love
Proud of God’s bricks you laid.

As heaven’s turning wheels of time
Turn 16 into 25
Tables turn and parents learn
Their children become their guides.

And when we embrace this special day
I will look into your eyes
You’ll see a promise in my soul
Made from bonds that God did tie.

My Father’s Eyes

When I saw how proud he was
Of all that I’d become
I took my locket from my neck
Dad, keep this for all you’ve done.

Sweet 16 night
My dance with him
I’ll never ever forget
His tears of love
Just broke my heart
His lifetime of work and debt.

I prayed for strength
To be the woman of grace
Leave the little girl behind
To understand a daughter’s job
And kissed his forehead one last time.

My Sweet 16 Ring

Diamond ring of promise
Golden ring to wed

Platinum  ring for birth
For angel infant worth

But on  Sixteenth birthday
When I take my place

A silver Sweet 16 Ring
For my pretty gown of lace.

A Sweet 16 Debt

So delicate but strong
My soft and pretty neck
Where pride and vulnerability
Come together and connect.

And above this chest of honor
Filled with thanks and hard earned beauty
I place a Sweet 16 pendent
Wearing like a stamp of duty.

Duty to my family
Who have sacrificed so much
Duty to my friends
Whose heart I often touched.

But when I close my eyes
Cause the day has come to end
Deepest thanks to my sweet mother
Who has been my constant friend.

A Sweet 16 Tear

As I slip into my dress
So crisp and oh so fresh
Along with my new gloves
My shoes and all the rest.

My sensitive eyes made up
Like the evening tropic sky
I will bare no crystal tears
For all the years gone by.

So Adios child dreams
I prayed for every night
Goodbye my trusty doll who
Protected me from fright.

Childlike yearnings fade
Into a pool of time
Fond and tender memories
Is all I leave behind.

A last look in the mirror
Check my smooth skin for a flaw
As I dawn my diamond earrings
Before opening the door.

Saying thank you dear Lord
For all that you’ve done
Now to my Sweet 16
For my new life has begun.

The Sweet 16 Tiara Tale

As legend would have it
One thousand years ago
There was an 16 year old princess
Dressed in a shimmering golden robe.

Looking over the palm tree’d cities
From her flowered balcony
Her father King held in his hands
A Tiara named, “The Sparkling Sea.”

One hundred thousand subjects
Gathered to watch below
While her father gently whispered
During the orange drenched sunset glow.

He whispered of all his people
In her life that she would know
From ministers to farmers
From the richest rich to the lowest low.

And how the young crowned princess
Should care and love them all
No matter how bejeweled
No matter how big or small.

As the princess bowed her royal head
In humble gratitude
Her childlike expression changed
Into a serious and thoughtful mood.

The sunset fired one last time
And the King looked towards the sea
While placing the Tiara on her head
Asking God to protect her please.

The Princess now understood her place
And how she must proceed
A life removed from selfish things
But devoted to her kingdom’s needs.

The Dancing Hearts Bracelet

Like gentle waves
Over the sun lit sea
Thousands of sparkles dancing
This joyous heart inside of me.

The true measure of love
Not the expensive gifts
But your ever caring presence
Gives my soul a tender lift.

For helping me become
The young lady I am today
I thank you Mom and Dad
For the sacrifices you had to pay.

So like this little bracelet
Hearts 16 for 16 years
I will give you 16 kisses
For all the smiles and the tears.

My hope this Sweet 16th day
Friends and family I do pray
Will feel all the love and hope
I carry to them in God’s bouquet.

The Princess Twins

Where all the world oceans met
Crystal blue waters merged as one
Sat Neptune’s golden kingdom
Lit by filtered light rays from the sun.

Twas a special day down deep
All the decorations set
For the twin princesses Sweet 16
A day the Kingdom would not forget.

Invitations went out by sea horse
Across the seven seas
And oh so many flocked to join
Including  mermaids and the Royal Ferries.

The Cathedral was made from diamonds
An Angelfish said the Mass
Then the Royal Twins filed out the door
To a chariot of Aqua Marine glass.

The dinner was exquisite
All the fine speeches had been made
Then the Twins got up walked to center stage
Which was made from Chinese jade.

Reciting a poem to their mom and dad
Thanking them for all the years of love
Promising to follow True Love’s path
Whether deep at sea or living up above.

Formalities now were over
Neptune stood up from his royal throne
And took the princess twins by their hands
Leading them to the center of the room.

He danced with one while the other watched
Teary eyed guests smiled with delight
Then the other twin princess got her turn
On that magical Sweet 16 night.

Music changed to a down home beat
Princes filed onto the floor
Their magical dance was like no other
The guests clapped and shouted for more.

Now the night was over
The royal ballroom and dance floor bare
But princess twins had dreams that night
Reliving the whole affair.

The Class of Sweet ‘16

I know they told me
How to do school
And I learned so well
The ten thousand rules

Got down how to dress
Matching pieces for less
Presenting pleasant fronts
Avoiding fashion mess

Was taught how to speak
Conjugating verbs in a heap
But left with nothing nice to say
Kept quiet the lady like way

Now I look back
On my sweet 16 years
Why no school for love
Why no school for tears

I know how to cook
Can write a great phrase
But how does one love
Is there a curve on that grade

As I stretch out my arms
And reach for my friend
Let our gap in education
Be our common hearts mend.

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